In-Player Recommendations

Easily configure in-player video recommendations using the player builder in the JW Player Dashboard.

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JW Player Recommendations come built into the JW Player product stack. Get immediate results with minimal effort by turning on in-player recommendations.

JW Dashboard Control the set of recommended videos returned to viewers using a tag-based filter system with flexible configurations in the JW Player Dashboard.
JW Platform Serve recommended playlists at high availability with extremely low latency using cloud-hosted single line embeds from JW Platform.
JW Player See recommended content in JW Player’s fully responsive, fully customizable Discovery Overlay UI with highlighted “next up” content and auto-advance.
JW Analytics Track daily updated success metrics in JW Player Analytics Segmentation. Publishers see an average 5-10% lift with click-to-play recommendations and 30-50% lift with autoplay.

In-Player Implementation

live demo
When in-player recommendations are enabled, the discover icon or a long pause during playback will show a discovery overlay where viewers can explore new content. The discovery overlay also shows after a video completes.
Boost viewer engagement and lower curation efforts by enabling the in-player overlay today. Get Started Now