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A powerful tool to increase views, engagement and ad revenue with minimal effort or investment by publishers.

Increase viewer engagement and automatically boost video ad revenue.

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45% Average Play Lift Across our network of 200+ publishers using JW Recommendations, we see an average lift of 45% in video plays, with some publishers experiencing 100% growth or more based on their specific content type and implementation. We make it easy to verify the performance of recommended playlists with Analytics Segmentation.
20% Estimated Ad Revenue Lift An increase in views means an increase in monetizable inventory. JW Player’s intuitive video publishing workflow simplifies video monetization, allowing you to create a unique video ad experience that works for your audience & business model. JW Player supports every ad server, network, or exchange and every industry standard across platforms to enable the greatest possible ad fill.

Our extensive network of quality publishers means we collect more signals with high quality viewer interaction to help us uncover connections and make stronger recommendations.

Trusted Viewing Trends Trained on our network of 1+ billion unique viewers, 20+ billion videos streamed, and 2+ million active domains per month.
Quick and Easy to Activate Automated content curation that’s built into the JW Player product stack. Just turn it on and it works.
Flexible for All Business Needs Wide-ranging implementations for publishers of all sizes, business models, and verticals.

Engage and retain viewers with three types of recommended playlists.

Similar Playlist Increase viewer retention and engagement based on viewer behavior & video metadata.
Best For: Video Detail Pages Verticals / Channels Learn More
Search Allow users to find specific content within your site’s video experience with an end-to-end solution for video search.
Best For: Video Apps Immersive Video Experiences Learn More
Trending Playlist Automatically surface trending content to engage new users based on real-time trends of what everyone is watching.
Best For: Homepages Popular Content Pairing Learn More

Easily configure in-player video recommendations using the player builder in the JW Player Dashboard.

Video Content: playback state
Playlist Overlay: video complete state
Enable related videos in the player overlay with the click of a button. JW Player’s built-in discovery overlay comes with a clean tile layout that’s fully optimized for desktop and mobile. Plus, measure viewer engagement and overall impressions via built-in Analytics Segmentation. Learn More

Build custom out-player video experiences with recommended content using JW Player’s JSON/RSS feeds.

Use JW Platform’s flexible APIs to access Recommendations programmatically and leverage recommended content in mobile, web, and OTT apps. Drive viewer engagement with page widgets that viewers can see and interact with while watching video. Plus, get the same measurable viewer engagement and overall impressions via built-in Analytics Segmentation. Learn More
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